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This Basic Systematic Fetal Heart Examination consisted the topics of:

  1. Major Planes of the Body and Heart
  2. Long Axis
  3. Short Axis 
  4. Basic Probe Manipulation
  5. Situs
  6. Axis
  7. CTR
  8. Fetal Heart Examination Steps
  9. Conclusion

This Fetal Hemodynamic Course Consisted of:

  1. Fetal CIrculation
  2. Ductus Venosus
  3. Blood in Right Atrium, Left Atrium, Pulmonary Vessels, Ascending & Descending Aorta
  4. Hemodynamic of Heart After Birth
  5. Cardiac output
  6. Pathology in Fetal Hemodynamic
  7. Duct-Dependent Systemic CIrculation
  8. Heart Abnormality in Aortic Arch View